Sunday, March 10, 2013

ODE To The 44TH

By Ruth Marshall, BW4PosChange/DC

Thank you, Mr. President, for being a family man
To your two little girls and your beautiful wife
And in showing compassion every way you can
While encouraging others to do what’s right

Thank you, Mr. President, for taking on the task
When other elected officials wanted to ignore
The preservation and expansion of the middle class
As a sturdy ladder for many of the poor

Thank you, Mr. President, for closing 2 wars
Allowing our brave soldiers to come home
To join their families as never before
Even though at times you had to stand alone

Thank you, Mr. President, for your acknowledgment
That so many citizens are unduly weighted down
By thoughtless and unnecessary actions by our government
Adverse to our country’s economic rebound

Thank you, Mr. President, for what you’ve put in place
From affordable health care, repeal of DOMA,
Safeguarding prisoners with morality and grace
To making it easier to earn a diploma

Thank you, Mr. President, for your ability to understand
The effects of global warming on the entire planet
The importance of bringing jobs back to our land
And promoting acceptance of young immigrants

WE thank you, Mr. President, for all you’ve done
To restore America’s image internationally
As a gentleman, a scholar and a statesman
Your governance as POTUS is the model we need

Thank You, Mr. President!

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