Sunday, December 16, 2012


Dear Editor:

Parents and Grand-Parent’s I am talking directly to you now. I know that you are feeling that numb sickness in the pit of your stomach. You’re angry about how easy it was for a young man to kill so many so easily.

Your heartbroken because some of you put children and grand-children on their school buses yesterday and at no point did you think you would never see that little face again, what if you lived some where in this country when that indeed is your fear?

Who could or who wants to imagine such a thing? Some in this country don’t have a choice and unlike the tragedy that Newtown is feeling today it is their new normal. However today we are all forced to think and feel that loss, again for how many times this year alone we will have the gun conversation.

These guns were bought legally, no theft, no fake ID, and like the hijackers of those planes on 9/11 the rules of the day were followed, but we made changes none the less afterward. So I don’t understand the push back to making changes today after this shooting, there are real things that could be done that might have assisted in keeping guns out of the hands of someone who is now being described as “having mental problems”.

How a gun is bought, like a box cutter doesn’t keep it from evil intent, we as human beings need to set the boundaries that do that. Children are murdered all over this country everyday and none of those shootings should be any more tragic than the mass murder on Friday, and all should be condemned so that solutions of common ground can be found, and find it we must, this needs to end.

To the second amendment and the argument against doing ANYTHING! I say we will follow it to the letter you are all entitled to the weapons of the day when that document was ratified. No where in it does it give you the right to own an automatic weapon with a 20-50 ammo clip. To my hunter friends I say if you need that kind of weapon to hunt you are involved in the wrong hobby seek another. Those kinds of multi kill weapons were not designed to hunt animals and it is time we were all honest about that fact.

The time for common sense gun control is upon us and we need to band together now as a nation and make that happen. It should never be said how can this happen here my fellow Americans this shouldn’t be happening any where! That is the zero tolerance we need to have and must have, gun violence needs to be class and color blind. Here is a fact that none of us should live with “in the years 2008-2009 more pre-school children were killed by guns than uniformed police officers”. Look it up do your homework and then join us in the reality of how civilized nations do and should behave.

Faye Morrison
Ayer, MA 

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