Friday, October 19, 2012

Op-Ed: The President Not the Candidate Showed Up On Wednesday

Dear Editor:
I am thrilled at the number of people who watched the debate on Wednesday I hope they are all going to vote and it gives me faith that people are paying attention as the stakes are so high.  It is no secret nor do I want it to be who I am supporting on November 6th when I vote.
I am sending Niki Tsongas back to the House of Representatives, because as a person of color and a woman I know she is the one who will have my back on issues not try to send me back with ideology that should not govern.
We will not only send our first woman to the Senate with Elizabeth Warren’s election but we will send someone who won’t play at middle class while home while voting for the richest 1% in DC.  Who speaks with righteous indignation about equal pay when on the stump here at home but votes against it and with his party every single time, as Brown has done.
Last but never least the President of the United States, so back to Wednesday some even in his own party have been all too quick to criticize him as not being as pushy and rude as his opponent, well I for one am happy about that.  He is the President of the United States as well as Candidate Obama he still has to act like a President no matter what he is doing.
Some say he looked tired, and I am willing to admit that he may truly be tired, he is not pretending to be a President he really is, and I can only imagine how much it must take out of you to do the work and run for the office so why criticize that.  Fact checkers have already done their work so I will leave you to look for the results, but all have found our President to be truthful and direct with the American people, the same could not be said for his opponent.
Ryan the VP candidate likes to beat his chest about how the President has added debt, what he is not honest about is, it is debt we already had and accumulated for two unpaid for wars and tax cuts to the wealthy.  President Obama just put those figures on the books and above the table so they could be seen and the American people would have a full understanding of what not budgeting for things costs.
It is that thoughtful smart measured man I voted for and will vote for again, I am not afraid of him being smart it is what I seek from my elected officials, and sending Niki Tsongas and Elizabeth Warren down to help in a real way with our recovery will be my honor.

Faye Morrison
Ayer, MA

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