Thursday, September 20, 2012

Op-Ed: Women's Bodies

By Charlene Ligon

Women's bodies, they have been discussed quite a lot lately. When Congress and state and local politicians focus their energies on this singular issue, guess how many jobs are created in the private or public sectors? Zero. Zilch. Nada.

When politicians add new words to our lexicon like "Legitimate Rape," and "Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds," what they're really saying is that they have no answers or ideas for job creation, policy innovations, tax code reform, the price at the pump, or really, any other issue that is important to voters. Women's bodies have been the go-to issue for these talkers, because they have nothing else to talk about. My guess is that women care more about if they're getting paid the same amount as their co-worker who sits across from them at their cubicle.

Women (and men) need to vote for candidates who will protect women's basic dignity.

Elected officials and voters could focus their fervor on the economy, either in funding projects and ideas, like domestic energy production, installing high speed Internet in rural areas, fixing crumbling roads and bridges that we drive on every day, signing new trade deals that will help get Americans back to work, or even having the ability to step out of the way when necessary.

It's a bizarre thought to think that (mostly) male politicians spend more time thinking about women's uteri than actual women. Women are probably busy tracking the family budget, saving for their kid's college education, and building their careers. Of course their health care is important to them, but they have to juggle many other events and issues in their lives, maybe politicians should do the same.

No matter what side of the debate you find yourself on, we all can agree that when Congress focuses on controlling women's body parts, they are not focusing on creating jobs or addressing any other issue that is important to voters. So women (and men) need to use another body part: Their feet, and get to the polls to vote for candidates at ALL levels of government that will focus on issues that benefit everyone.

This election, you do have a choice, your vote does count. Voting affects your ability to pay off your student loans, voting affects whether or not your neighborhood is safe, voting affects if your potholes on your street are filled. This November, vote with your wallet (or that really cute purse you have).

To register to vote, visit the Sarpy County Election Commission webpage:

Charlene Ligon, Chair and Executive Director
Sarpy County Democratic Party
1801 Old Gaelic St
Bellevue, NE 68123

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