Wednesday, November 2, 2011

President Obama Designates Fort Monroe A National Monument

BWFO4Change Networkers Encouraged President Obama to Designate Fort Monroe, VA as National Monument
We are pleased to celebrate President Barack Obama's use of his authority under the 1906 Antiquities Act, to establish Fort Monroe as a National Monument, in the National Park Service. We are proud that our Networkers Virginia Senator Mamie Locke, Gaylene Kanoyton, Vice Chair of the Virginia Democratic Party and Virginia playwright Sheri Bailey were in the forefront of pushing this effort forward. Congratulations Gaylene, Sheri and Senator Locke--we are proud of you!

Having President Obama designate Fort Monroe as a National Monument is an historic act that we believe will be one of the most significant cultural, historic and job creation acts of the Obama Administration. Now, Fort Monroe---which many people know little about--will finally showcase the important history of Black people as they progressed off the plantations, out of slavery, into the Union Army and onto the march towards freedom. We believe that over time, Fort Monroe will become a National Monument similar to the Statue of Liberty, and other national monuments that celebrate freedom. And, history about the arrival of indentured Africans in 1619 who were not slaves, will finally be told. In the near future, jobs will be created and new opportunities for small businesses will result as well.

On behalf of BWFO4Change, we thank President Obama for his leadership and commitment to the historic contributions of Fort Monroe. We also thank our visionary Networkers. We look forward to the nation and the world learning about Fort Monroe's role in the history of America and the 3,000+ jobs we hope will be created in the future.

Yes We Can!

Stephanie E. Myers, National Co-Chair Daun S. Hester, National Co-Chair

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