Sunday, August 8, 2010

BWFO Endorses Vincent Gray


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Black Women for Obama for Change (BWFO4Change) proudly announces their endorsement of DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray for Mayor, District of Columbia. This social networking advocacy group of African American women began during the 2008/09 Presidential race and continued post-election. In announcing their endorsement, they cited Chairman Gray’s strong support for education reform, commitment to job creation and economic development.

In a joint statement BWFO4Change Co-Chairs Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., resident Ward 6 and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, resident Ward 5 stated, “During the recent Presidential Election we helped create change on a national level. Now we must create change in the District of Columbia, by electing Council Chairman Vincent Gray to be our next Mayor. Mr. Gray has a proven record as a champion of issues important to District residents, including women, small businesses, community-based organizations and citizens. In our endorsement interview, Mr. Gray responded with solid answers to questions regarding issues we are concerned about. We are therefore proud to endorse Council Chairman Vincent Gray for Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Ms. Johnnie Rice, resident of Ward 7 and retired Director, Community Outreach, for DC Councilman David Catania stated, “Vincent Gray has a love of the people in our City. He is a hard-worker with the ability to lead without intimidation. He shows respect for those who want to make Washington, D.C. one City for all of the people—not a City divided between the haves and the have-nots. I’m going to work hard to elect Vincent Gray Mayor of the District of Columbia.”

Dr. Louise White Cashin, resident of Ward 4 said, “Vincent Gray has been in the trenches in the District of Columbia for over 30 years. He knows the issues and needs of the citizens. He is respectful of the elderly and cares about the youth. As someone who worked with leaders and public officials all of my career, I can say Vincent Gray is an outstanding leader and will make a great Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Black Women for Obama for Change is a volunteer social networking blog community. The organization monitors public policy, educates networkers about significant national issues and endorses candidates for public office. In support of Chairman Gray, the group has created an advocacy network, “Women for Gray for Change” at email:

*Disclaimer: This press release does not imply any endorsement from the White House or President Barack Obama.

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