Thursday, March 25, 2010

Op-Ed: Flip Flop Scott Brown

By Faye Morrison, BWFO4 Change Massachusetts

Dear Editor~

Have we found a new name for Scott Brown? He has quickly morphed from the Independent Senator to “flip flop Scott!”

It started with his swearing in process, he seemed happy to be partying his way around the Commonwealth, celebrating his Senate victory, high fiving supporters, toasting with a hearty beer at bars and restaurants from Quincy to Holyoke .

When asked about actually taking the oath of office he was quoted often in papers saying it would be a week or so, sometime around the eleventh of February. I don’t remember any grumbling or questioning by my Independent Senator about the date or time, he seemed quite content, and who could blame him winning a seat in the most exclusive legislative chamber in the country is something to celebrate.

Then to my surprise Mr. Independent the next day was sending a letter to the powers that be demanding his swearing in immediately. Now we are not friends “flip flop Scott” and I, so I don’t know what happened overnight, but every commentator on talk radio was crowing about the phone calls they made to him, telling him to get his much photographed physique down to DC pronto.

Now here we are at the passing of historical healthcare reform legislation and again Mr. Independent seems to be “flip flop Scott" again. When the bill passed Scott Brown was asked what he would do he said the right thing on camera, “I need to read it”. Today he is saying he was misunderstood that of course, and I presume without reading it, he will work with the Republicans to repeal it.

So “flip flop Scott” what happened to the Independent who said he would align himself with no party, that he would look at the issue and make a decision in the best interest of his constituents? I may not have voted for you Senator, but you represent me too, and don’t believe the hype, you got to that seat with a lot of help some of it Democrats.

So the Republicans think they will have a sweep in November, well they know history is in their favor it always happens that the incoming party to the WH looses some seats. GW Bush did so did his father and Regan, but sweeping I don’t think so. This all reminds me of the Romney promise that never came to pass the year he ran someone against every member of the house and senate. Not only did we not loose any seats we took three from the Republican side. Voters are smart and once they have truth and facts those that choose that path, will reject the party that produces nothing but no!

So the Republicans have said the Democrats own healthcare reform, well I beg to differ, the American people own it and 52% of them polled on Sunday support the bill. 43% who don’t favor it will be happy to have it once the benefits are felt like Medicare and Social Security no matter how they answer a political poll.

Republican Party you get to own some things as well, Joe “you lie” Wilson of SC, who sullied the Congressional Chamber and his office with his out burst during a Presidential speech. You don’t have to like the man, BUT you have to respect the office. You will own the tea party behavior that on camera showed the elitist suited participants taunting a Veteran, who disabled supports the bill, throwing dollar bills at him as he sat motionless in his protest.

YOU Republican Party get to own the tea party protesters, who Sunday spat on black Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, called civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis a nigger, that called openly gay Congressman Barney Frank a faggot.

You will own this and the pictures of YOUR leadership standing on the balcony of the congressional building waving a tea party flag and egging this behavior on. These are not “isolated incidents”, the only answer Mr. Steele seems to be authorized to give, and no decent person will see it as such. You think you have woken up a sleeping giant with your behavior, spitting on the civil rights icons of our time is not going to put us to sleep, see you in November.

Faye Morrison
Ayer, MA

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