Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Consequences of Losing Virginia's Governor's Race

By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq. and Stephanie Myers

Last weekend in Richmond, Virginia hundreds of protesters met at the Virginia State Capital to protest newly elected Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell's plan to cut $ 730 Million dollars from Education and Virginia Schools! Sadly, this is one of the results of Creigh Deeds--whom we endorsed-- losing the Governor's office. During our endorsement conference call with Creigh Deeds he promised us that he would bolster education but, he lost. Now, this is what Virginians have to deal with -- a tragedy! How will HBCUs and inner city schools survive these cuts?

Sadly, many voters--particularly young voters who were excited to support President Obama, were not active in the Virginia Governors race. How do we convince our community that politics is an essential part of the decisionmaking process that affects their daily lives? If the same dynamic team that WON VIRGINIA for President Obama had turned out for Creigh Deeds these millions of dollars in education budget cuts would not be happening.

Here is news coverage from the Rally in Richmond, VA. Watch it and weep for our children.

Yes We Can---Yes We Must!

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