Thursday, January 14, 2010

Michelle Obama Reads 'Green Eggs and Ham'

From the pool report:

Labor Department visit -- no news, but Haiti note.

First lady Michelle Obama visited the Labor Department -- part of her ongoing tour of federal agencies. Per her press office, she also was taping a PSA for the Red Cross today urging help for Haiti. At Labor, she told employees to check the White House website for ways to provide assistance. As always, check all quotes here against transcript.

FLOTUS opened her remarks with some words on Haiti and the "profound heartbreak" of the earthquake. She said it's not just a short-term fix that's needed for Haiti, but, "something we are going to have to put our attention to for many years to come.

About a dozen little kids (estimated) ages 3 - 5 sang songs while they waited for the FLOTUS -- tunes your pooler cannot get out of her head now some time later, including, "The Wheels on the Bus" and "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider." But as the first lady said, it's important to maintain energy and optimism during these tough days. And so your pool is stoic.

The kids had loads of questions for the first lady, mostly about the girls and Bo. FLOTUS said the girls like to play on their computers and enjoyed the swing set in the snow -- but in answer to one query said no, the first family does not own horses.

Bo likes chew sticks, but not pizza, it was learned. "He has never had pizza,"the first lady said. Asked about her birthday, she said it's this Sunday (then stopped and asked herself if it's really this Sunday) and said she's turning 46.

The first lady read "Green Eggs and Ham, then asked the kids to promise to try new things to eat, adding curiously, in answer to a question, "I have never had a crabby patty."

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