Saturday, January 16, 2010

Follow Delegate Charniele Herrings Bills

Yesterday, I took my oath to serve the 46th District in the General Assembly for the 2010-2011 General Assembly session. First, I am grateful for your support. Second, I am honored that you have delegated to me the awesome responsibility to serve as your voice in Richmond especially during these challenging times. The bills that I have filed include:

HB 25 - Greenhouse gas emissions; Statewide Transportation Plan to include quantifiable measures and goals.

HB 454 - Virginia Human Rights Council; causes of action in employment discrimination.

HB 463 - Hospital emergency departments; access to electronic health records. During session, I will provide you weekly updates about session in this e-newsletter.

To check the status of Delegate Herring's bills or any others that may be of interest to you at or Richmond Sunlight. There you may create a free account and use the Photosynthesis tool to track bills that interest you.

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