Monday, December 7, 2009

Commentary: We Must Find Our Good And Praise It

By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.

If our action shall be in accordance with the principles of justice, liberty, and perfect human equality, no eloquence can adequately portray the greatness and grandeur of the future of the Republic….” Frederick Douglass

As I think about the potential of our nation, I think of many of our ancestors who struggled so hard against the greatest of odds to provide opportunities for all of us. I think about how many of our people have shown so little respect for their sacrifices that we came to 2007-2008 pulling against our first real opportunity to elect the first President who happens to be Black. I still shudder at the thought of so many Black leaders hoping, betting and working against the victory of Barack Obama for President of the United States of America!

Never-the-less, Barack became President, and many of those same people rejoice today and you wouldn’t know they weren’t supporting him all along. That they now rejoice about the victory is the good part. Now that he is President, there are still too many people working overtime to defeat every proposal he initiates to bring about the change for which he campaigned. With the help of a whole lot of non-Black friends, we worked hard to elect President Obama.

It is a tragedy that so many of our usually vocal leaders are saying nothing. Can it be that they do not see how destructive the unanswered words of people like Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin, the “Just say No” folks in Congress, the teabagers, the birthers, etc. are to everything for which our ancestors gave their blood, sweat and tears? Can it be that some of our leaders are still unhappy about Barack’s victory and what it means for our freedom?

If the naysayers can destroy President Obama, without a word from us, they can destroy every bit of progress we think we have made. Dick Gregory sums up my point by saying, “This is the only country that can make many Black people resent anybody who works for our freedom”. Could it be that we are experiencing some of that resentment from some of our people who are choosing to remain silent? If so, God help us all so that we begin to speak out against this insanity being played out against our President.

President Obama’s election, with the help of many non-Black supporters, is a big step toward our freedom (No, we are not yet there.) It’s time for us to stop being a part of our own destruction, so I invite you to join me in a very simple act of responding to those who would destroy this critical step toward freedom for all—the election of Barack Obama. Let’s honor the sacrifices of our ancestors. Instead of listening to, internalizing and joining in the destructive comments and acts we see and hear daily, let us talk and act in a spirit of love, peace, justice and gratefulness for the good we experience as a result of the election of Barack Obama.

The National Congress of Black Women, Inc.
has an ongoing program called College for Kids that we sponsor all across the country. Today we are beginning a project where we ask every person who is grateful for the election of President Barack Obama to send us at least one paragraph (but no more than one 8 ½ by 11 page) as to why you are grateful for his election, and at least one positive thing he has already accomplished.

Mail to the address below for our College for Kids (9-12 years old students) to analyze and compile during their spring session of CFK beginning January 2010. They need to know about the accomplishments of this President. They are not hearing about them on a regular basis through the mass media. Let us not allow history to record that we said nothing when we saw the deliberate attempts to prevent the progress this President is attempting to make. Don’t forget that we have a role to play in making the progress happen. Remember the campaign mantra—“YES WE CAN”! Let us find the good and praise it.

Your paragraph/page must be in to the address below by January 15, 2010. Send to National Congress of Black Women, Inc, 1251-4th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20024 or So that you do this because you see the need to do it, and not because of the prize, we will announce the prize for the winning statement/s after all statements are in! It will be worth the effort! Thank you for participating. Please share with your e-mail list. Everybody is eligible.

NOTE: We have invited Mrs. Edith Childs to be our motivational speaker at the Washington, DC, spring 2010 College For Kids program where the winners of the “Find the Good and Praise It” contest are announced. Mrs. Childs is the originator of the phrase “Fired Up and Ready to Go” – words that inspired us all during campaign events. Date TBA

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