Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear BWFO4Change Members

If you are feeling fatigued with elections and politics in general and it's nasty tone, please see this HBO documentary, better yet do what our Obama regional advisory committee did. Use it as a reason to get together and prop each other up and watch it on a big screen together.

A local restaurant ( whose business was only helped on a slow Wednesday night) allowed us to use their back room without charge for a viewing, we bought food, and drink had some dinner first and then watched the show, it was wonderful. All of those feelings came back watching that footage, seeing the places I went on the campaigns behalf, the tough primary struggle, the convention, election night remember that feeling? Could it have only been just a short year ago?

As a member of the electoral college, December 15th will be a day as special as the Inaugural (especially since the NYT printed a picture of me casting my vote!) was.

It renewed my spirits as we here in the Commonwealth gear up for the final stage of a special election to replace the late Teddy Kennedy.

Have a wonderful day!

In Unity,

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