Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michelle Does Glamour!

From Glamour:

On the C.L.: Michelle Obama’s Inspiring Mission (Hail the Mentor in Chief!) Plus Her Answers to Your Questions

Putting together this magazine’s annual Women of the Year issue generally involves lots of nail-bitingly tricky decisions (this politician or that? Which athlete? Which actress?). But this year, there was one very, very, very easy choice to make--see it for yourself after the jump.

This year, Glamour is honoring First Lady Michelle Obama with a Special Recognition award for her commitment to mentoring young women. (She also appears on our cover--the first time in Glamour’s 70-year history that a First Lady has ever done so.) You simply cannot talk about 2009 without talking about Mrs. Obama: and no, I don’t mean her status as a style icon (richly deserved though it may be). Just nine months into her job, our nation’s first African-American First Lady has thrown open the doors of the White House to local children and families, determined to show young people that, in her words, “there’s no magic to being here”--that with hard work, any one of us can rise to greatness. And at Glamour, we love that she’s particularly set on expanding young women’s horizons: The First Lady is establishing mentor relationships between top women in the administration and girls in need in DC, and is encouraging women leaders around the country to do the same where they live. Love that.

Source: Glamour

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