Saturday, September 26, 2009

Take the Health Reform Video Challenge

Create the best 30 second video you can that makes the case for passing health insurance reform in 2009. This is a complex and often personal issue, and there’s way more angles to cover than anyone can squeeze into 30 seconds. So here are some themes to consider as you choose what to focus on:

The need for reform

• Personal stories: It’s hard to get more powerful than sharing a personal story about how the broken status quo has affected you and the ones you love.

• The cost of inaction: There’s lots to cover about how spiraling costs are breaking the budgets of families, governments and businesses, and the high price we’ll all pay if we don’t act.

• The opponents of reform: It’s amazing the levels some will stoop in order to score political points or protect their profits. This is your chance to call them out.

The President's plan

• For those with insurance, the President’s plan will provide more security and stability. You won’t get cut off for being sick, face discrimination because of your gender, or run up against an annual or lifetime cap ever again.

• For those without insurance, the plan will guarantee affordable options so that every American finally gets the peace of mind and quality care we deserve.

• And it will rein in out-of-control health care costs and accomplish reform without adding a dime to the deficit.

Your video can be serious or funny. It can feature charts and graphs or satire and songs. It can just be you with a good idea in front of a basic web camera, or it can be a special effects filled mini-spectacular. Just keep it to 30 seconds, keep it honest, and make sure that folks who see it will be fired up about passing health reform in 2009.

For more detailed rules – and these are very important – please review the official contest rules.

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