Friday, September 18, 2009

Op-Ed: Carolina is ready for a Movement Against Cracker Barrell

By Michelle Kitrell

I represented the state of North Carolina with the organization Black Women For Obama in our election. I don't know if you have seen the video of the hate crime that took place in Georgia inside the Cracker Barrell. I have started a massive email to the Director of Public Relations at Cracker Barrell Home office to make a public apology. I spoke with the PR assistant who gave me this email to forward my concerns and others to flood emails and phone calls for them to make a public statement that they do not condone this behavior. They have only made a local statement and a web statement. Most of their consumers probably do not own a computer and will not see the statement.

Cracker Barrell employees did not do anything about this beating of this lady in front of her child until after this 6'2 215 llbs man had beat her like Fannie Lou Hamer was beat. Join me in this effort to make a stand that although we have an African American president it is not open season on black women and not open season to disrespect our president. I urge our community to participate in writing their Congressmen and Senators locally and nationally. Please go to cracker to be a voice.

This is where you can find more of the story in the search menu key in "woman beat inside cracker barrell"

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