Thursday, September 17, 2009

Commentary: The Racism Just Keeps On Going, Wilson's Outbust, Apologize or Leave

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

You know, I've said so much about this already, I'm just glad that Obama is a smart Black man, which is what white men fear the most, and are more jealous of than anything else. It's highly probable that none of these inane behaviors are a surprise to him at all. I'm sure that anyone who's mapped out running for the presidency of these united states, is also more than familiar with the racist proclivities of its constituents below the macon-dixon line -- especially those solid citizens of the solid south carolina region. That is their stock in trade.

I'm headed for DC next week for the Congressional Black Caucus. I think they should definitely add a new workshop to the Caucus -- one that deals with what to do when mainstream elected officials are extreme right winged racists and the president needs back up.
How many cheeks to you turn before there are none left. How much over looking does one do of bad behavior before one goes for censureship. When our censureship votes don't match the number of votes in the mainstream, what then do we do? Do we have a protocol that is unique to the Congressional Black Caucus, that they can put into play so that they don't appear to be so ineffective, or abandoning their constituents wishes.

More to the point, Van Jones was forced out of a position for which he was selected by President Obama because somewhere in the past he signed a petition. Because he was intelligent enough to know that President Bush and his administration were full of liars, and said so, he is being villified for telling the truth and taking a principled stand. It was that sort of principled stand that is necessary to bring about a "Green Economy, and tougher standards. Interesting.
Since when did one person get forced out of a position for freedom of speech and ideas, while another (Wilson) gives a half-assed apology that he clearly does not mean -- then categorically says he is not going to apologize again, because he's already done it, and is allowed to remain in his position. Time to take out the garbage, guys! Let's let them know that we're tired of chewing the rancid fat with these characters. They are looking to see whether we are drawing the line in the sand at this point or are we just digging our toes in the sand and hope that it blows over (which by the way, it won't), so they can go on to overlooking something else -- some other egregious transgression.

In point of fact, 15 years ago I recommended that the CBC form a Black Anti-Defamation Commission to stem the tide of some of these invectives that are continuously leveled against us both overtly and covertly via many of these white elected officials. If they can't be counted on to handle this individually, as evidenced by the Bush administration, then perhaps putting an organization with teeth and autonomy that operates at the pleasure of and in behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus may well be just what the doctor ordered It's not racism to stand for your own people; it's self preservation. It's time to develop some serious Blackbone. We're in a new era. We have a Black man as president.We're politically in the majority. Use it or lose it. Civil Rights is still an issue. Let's not let this become a hollow victory -- you know the kind: we got him in office, but we couldn't make them stand up and salute.

This brother is worthy of respect, ongoing support, and just like he's trying to deliver, we'd best be doing the same thing.

Anyway, as I have stated. I'm tired of giving Wilson space in my writing. It's time to take out the trash.

Stay blessed,

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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