Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Mourn The Honorable Senator Ted Kennedy's Loss

Washington, DC – "Senator Edward Kennedy will be missed, and we, the members of Black Women for Obama, will never forget the excitement we felt when Senator Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for President. The endorsement lifted our spirits to great heights, and we never lost our will to work for the victory of Barack Obama", said Co-Chairs of Black Women for Obama, Dr. E. Faye Williams and Stephanie Myers.

They went on to say, "It is our hope that the life of Senator Kennedy will inspire our Congress to really think about the importance of health care reform, and return to Washington more determined than ever to make it happen." "We pray that this will also be a time when foes of health care will stop the hate mongering and understand that health care for all of our nation is essential to saving lives and keeping our nation healthy for the great work ahead of us. Senator Kennedy's life was one of service, so let us remember to participate in his honor in the National Day of Service designated by President Barack Obama".

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