Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter To The Editor

Dear Dr. Williams, Co-Chair, BWFO4Change,

Faye, I write with such emotion because of the emails I have received from my black brothers and sisters here in the Commonwealth, thanking President Obama for standing his ground on his statements about this case this week.

I am sure that the locals anticipated he wouldn't, we are proud beyond words that he spoke truth to power and stood by them. For us. Even the white people who have tried to talk to me about this issue and some how defend the officers actions, have to answer honestly when asked a key question. " Would the same thing have happened to a white Prof. dressed the same, of the same age, and carrying a cane" they all answered no. So if they don't like having the "race card" played then stop playing the game.

This is the state where Charles Stuart said a black man shot my pregnant wife, and his accusations went unquestioned and this city responded by stopping every black man they saw. I know lawyers dressed in suits and ties who were subject to identifying themselves while standing on street corners minding their own business. Even though the so called black shooter was described as disheveled and wearing a red and black track suit.

We all know the truth of that story, I finally relented to do an interview yesterday after many calls, primarily to defend the POTUS. Some of these stories coming out up here are just hateful, but we will keep our heads up and our eyes on the prize.

Thank him for us if you get the opportunity.

In Unity,


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