Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mr. President: How About Appointing a Black Woman to the Supreme Court?

By Georgia F. Allen
We have heard a lot of talk about who should replace Justice Souter, and it appears that the media has unfortunately chosen to pit one ethnic group against another. We hear controversial statements such as, `the Hispanic community supported President Obama and feel that he owes them a seat on the Supreme Court,’ is clearly unnecessary, especially since President Obama continues to make every effort to pull our nation together.

These type of messages tend to divide our country instead of uniting this great nation. Let us remember, that the leadership role of the Civil Rights movement has always been the fight for equal justice for all Americans regardless of Race, Creed, National origin, or sexual orientation; which includes the Hispanic community. We stand united and believe that it is very important that the Supreme court be diverse and inclusive of all citizens.

While others may have joined the civil rights fight, it was repeatedly black Americans who were beaten, bitten, shot and burned as they led the campaign for social and economic justice. However, the rewards of that struggle have rightfully benefited all nationalities.

This is a historic opportunity and it is our hope that President Obama will not exclude qualified African American candidates from his consideration, for the Supreme Court appointment.

As we honor Sojourner Truth, as someone who helped opened doors for every group, let us not exclude Black women from consideration of this high honor. We look forward in the hope that our Supreme Court will be reflective of our nation's diversity.

Georgia F. Allen is President of the NAACP Virginia Beach

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