Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Website Alert!

Here is some information on the Governments new site to add greater transparency in covering the financial crisis.


Today, our nation faces a severe financial crisis. It is a crisis of confidence, of capital, of credit and of consumer and business demand. Rather than providing the credit that allows new ideas to flourish into new jobs, or families to afford homes and autos, we have seen banks and other sources of credit freeze up – contributing to and potentially accelerating what already threatens to be a serious recession. Our Financial Stability Plan will help ensure that businesses with good ideas have the credit to grow and expand, and working families can get the affordable loans they need to meet their economic needs and power an economic recovery.

To address the financial crisis, the Financial Stability plan is designed to attack our credit crisis on all fronts with our full arsenal of financial tools and the resources commensurate to the depth of the problem. To be successful, we must address the uncertainty, troubled assets and capital constraints of our financial institutions as well as the frozen secondary markets that have been the source of a significant portion of our lending for everything from small business loans to auto loans.

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