Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Senator Mark Warner: The First 90 Days

In the flurry of recent news about bailouts, bonuses and filibusters, I have remained focused on trying to help those Virginians who are still struggling with job losses, or the threat of home foreclosure, or the lack of available credit needed to grow their businesses.

I have had the privilege of serving as your Senator for 90 days now, and I can tell you we've been extraordinarily busy with
efforts to create jobs and get our stalled economy moving
*Every community in Virginia will benefit from the American 
Recovery and Reinvestment Act and its targeted, short-term

*We also have been working to address the lack of regulatory
oversight that led to the meltdown in the financial services

*We are finally making smart investments in "clean" energy,
responsible health care reform, and quality education - and
I have maintained a focus on accountability, transparency,
and deficit reduction.

In the past three months, we also have hired a top-notch staff,
established field officesacross Virginia, moved into permanent
Capitol Hill officesin the Russell Senate Office Building, and
launched a website that allows you to track our progress and
contact us easily whenever you need assistance. In fact, since
taking office in January, we have responded to more than 125,000
calls, letters and e-mails, and helped more than 1,000 Virginians
resolve their specific problems with federal agencies.

Over the Passover/Easter break, we will be hitting the road to
meet with Virginians to discuss their concerns and challenges as
we continue to work on turning-aroundthe economy. This week, we'll
be hosting 17 events over four days along the Interstate 81
corridor in western Virginia, and I invite you to check our web -
site for daily updates on our travels.

As always, I encourage you to get in touch with me whenever you

want to share your thoughts on a specific issue, or need some
assistance in resolving a problem.

Thanks, and best regards.

Mark Warner

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