Thursday, April 30, 2009

Commentary: President's First 100 Successful Days: The Haters Who Can't Get Over It

By E. Faye Williams, ESQ.

I watched Larry King's show last night. He went pretty far down in the barrel to come up with a panel, and from the pit came Tavis Smiley! He is such a hater! He hasn't gotten over the fact that Barack Obama had the right to make his announcement for running for President of the United States when he wanted to--not withstanding Tavis Smiley's little annual meeting on the same day. Tavis claims he feels sorry for Barack! I didn't quite understand that--but, then I don't understand much of what Tavis says!

I just want to say, "Oh, Tavis, please don't. I feel sorry for your inability to get over the fact that Barack won the race for President without your support, and that means a whole lot more to a whole lot more people than "The Tavis Smiley Show" has ever meant. You're okay, but you are not Barack Obama!" After rating the President's first 100 days with a B Minus, Tavis seemed to have come to his senses and began to tell the truth about the brilliance of our President--but he appeared to be in such pain admitting it. (Guess he began thinking about why he is no longer on the Tom Joyner show.)

When I hear people like Tavis who didn't give Barack half a chance during the Presidential Primary, I wonder how they can even go on these shows and pretend to be impartial! Then came poor Larry Elder--another serious hater. I feel sorry for Tavis because I really think he's a better person than he has shown himself to be in the last 2 years. As for Larry Elder, I can only shake my head in disbelief whenever I hear him. Just pray for God to help him. He's in serious trouble, and nothing other than prayer can help him.


  1. Yes, the haters are still out there and they are crusading in their egomaniacal way hoping to see our President falter just to be able to say "I told you so"
    I didn't catch Tavis on LK but he disappointed me during the campaign. It's hard for me to fathom that there are Black people who are rooting against our President! I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not asking anyone to agree 100% with Obama or to even agree at all with the man, but how can you not give him respect for his accomplishments and achievements?? How can you not recognize that his mere presence has changed the world just an iota from what is was yesterday?? Long gone are the days I felt so much pride for having been interviewed by Tavis Smiley after having been elected to the Athens City Council. What happened to you Tavis after you left NPR??

  2. I totally agree, Tavis looked and sounded like a pure fool. His ego is getting the best of him. Never-the-less, Dr. Wilkerson did us proud, and without articulated the obvious, "that Tavis is a hater" he responded to the question and showed him the error of his thinking.

    I attended the State of Black America when it was held at Hampton University, the year Barack Obama announced from Illinios and refused to come to the conference Tavis - who sees Dr. West and himself as the new twin leaders of the movement was heart broken. And, doesn't appear to be able to move on. I note however, that hasn't stopped him from exploiting Obama's election by making a new 90 minute documentary (like Spike Lee's "Get on the Bus" ) dealing with Black men and the election of the President.


  3. I heard Faye on Marks show which was a replay of the forum in D.C. Friday. She had it right.
    Thanks Faye

  4. Where is this coming from? What makes him think that he has any right to show Journalistic integrity now? He is a bitter man and I hope he takes a good look at himself...a far cry from this

  5. Ladies as usual we have one person who thinks it's HIS job to speak for an entire generation or an entire race. I was glad to see Tavis booted from the TJMS. Can someone please remind him his fifteen minutes of fame ended, fifteen minutes ago? His conduct is beyond reproach. Will we ever be able to divorce ourselves from the legacy of slavery? You know, the tendency too be jealous within our own ethnic group, and not support those who are truly empowering a new generation of African-Americans. Mr. Smiley you do not speak for me and like Limbaugh on the right, your core audience is only getting smaller!

  6. Tavis Smiley is an egotistical opportunist. It was obvious that he was angry at candidate Obama for not changing his plans and announcing his campaign at the State of Black America event. He refused to accept Mrs. Obama in her husband's stead. Imagine his chagrin when Mr. Obama won the election! Now he has the nerve to capitalize on this historic President by publishing a book, Accountable, which lists 242 campaign promises supposedly made by Mr. Obama! I just researched all of the books published by Tavis Smiley. Never before as he written a book calling for other presidents to be accountable. Why now? Because, he can make money and appear to be conducting an impartial journalistic endeavor. Hogwash!