Thursday, April 16, 2009

Commentary: Practicing What We Preach

By Paula F. Mateo
BWFO 4 Change Networker from Jacksonville, FL

"Let those amongst us without sin, cast the first stone". Our Republican predecessors in all their zeal should embrace this quote. President Obama paid nearly 33% in taxes and gave another 7% to 37 charities. That's a total of 40% of his and the First Lady's adjusted gross income. What can we learn from this on Tax Day? We have a President who will practice what he preaches. President Obama is not asking "Mr. & Mrs. America" to do anything he and Michelle are not already doing.

It's clear and has been proven that 95% of working class Americans will enjoy a "tax-cut" under President Obama's stimulus plan. The top 1%, who has paid less under the Bush tax cuts, will not even have to kick in their fair share until 2010. So what's with the tea parties? Lack of relevance. With no distinct leader for the future, no budget alternative to speak of, and no clear ideas for getting the economy back on track, the Republicans, the party of "NO", have been reduced to the party of tea parties. Shameless ploys for attention, largely ignored by the media and spurred on by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

When you have no solutions, you resort to the old "weapons of mass distraction", it worked well for President Bush. Ladies, don't be fooled. Continue to take to your blogs, editorials, and all forms of media so we can get the truth out to America. Our President is not mortgaging our futures, he's investing in them. Creating a sustainable America, based largely on our ability to compete in a global economy, provide real solutions for energy, and moving away from being a service based industry. By investing in our future today, we will be able to survive tomorrow. Limbaugh can have the tea, we'll take the CHANGE. Thank you President Obama, for building our house on "solid ground".

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Posted: 05:26 PM ET

From CNN's Rebecca Sinderbrand
The White House released 2008 tax returns Wednesday for the Obamas and the Bidens.
The president and the first lady reported an adjusted gross income of of more than $2.6 million last year, and paid $855,323 in federal income tax. The Obamas also donated $172,050, to 37 different charities, including $25,000 contributions to Catholic Relief Services and the United Negro College Fund.
Vice President and Mrs. Biden reported an adjusted gross income of $269,256, and an after-tax income of $183,315. They paid $46,952 in federal income taxes, and donated $1,885 to charity.

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