Saturday, April 4, 2009

Commentary: Obama European Tour De Force

By Stephanie Myers, Co-Chair, E. Faye Williams Esq., Co-Chair

President Obama's trip to Europe is a Tour de Force--they love our First Family! Last night, (Wednesday, April 1st) Brian William's NBC news coverage of the President and Mrs. Obama was so beautiful it brought me (Stephanie) to tears..."Magical Michelle" he called her...the "most famous First Lady in the World!" I felt truly represented in the world for the first time in my life. Just think, our brother and sister on the world stage representing ALL OF US!

What a day...during these trying times let's all of us remember to keep our eyes on the "Big Picture" and recall that we all helped to make it happen!

Today, there is some petty criticism floating around commenting that our beloved First Lady "touched the Queen!" Big deal! Last night the footage showed a young, beautiful, tall woman (First Lady Michelle Obama) kindly touching the back of a frail, elderly person (Queen Elizabeth). I'm sure all of us have touched an elderly Aunt or relative a million times. It was a a very human and compassionate gesture and the Queen received the gesture well. Now, the media is claiming that traditionally "no one touches the Queen"-- good grief--she must be very lonely! Be prepared to defend our First Lady if the media tries to turn the heat up on her!

The media is also stirring up controversy about the gift of the Ipod to the Queen. We're certain the Queen already has every historic icon and photo ever made and probably sets aside most of the meaningless gifts she receives. I bet the Queen will ask her Grandchildren to help her use the Ipod so, she can see her photos in historic Williamsburg, VIrginia when she visited a few years ago. It's a brilliant gift--senior citizens including Queens, appreciate being treated as intelligent human beings who can use and respect technology.

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  1. Media People are just looking for things to criticize. To begin with, I saw a video shot, wherein the Queen moved forward toward Michelle the moment she came through the door with her hand outstretched. And, it was a 'HAND' -
    she had not put on her gloves at that point.

    Then they showed a few frames of the Queen talking to Michelle, and please note I've been looking at Elizabeth II since her wedding, when I was 17 years old. That's 58 years. It
    was the first time I've ever seen her eyes, bright and shining like they were....and she was smiling the warmest smile I'd ever seen on her face...she was truly delighted and so happy and welcoming to our President and First Lady.

    Then the shot showing Michelle and the Queen
    with their arms wrapped around each other's waists was held for at least 5 seconds, then the Queen took her arm away and turned so that Michelle's arm came away. I suppose the Queen realized that it would cause a big mess
    because she was hugged up with Michelle.

    The Media people are just jealous ...... not one first lady before this has received such a warm, genuinely warm welcome, from the Queen of England. Today, I stopped in to visit for a moment with Juanita Moore, the actress who was nominated for her work in "Imitation of Life". She's in her 90's, and she brought it up.....saying that she also had never,ever seen such a smile on Queen Elizabeth's face in all
    the years that she had been seeing her on old time newsreels and television.

    After the rude, crudeness of George W., I'll bet the Queen was relieved to see the elegant classy, couple now in the White House. She gave them a warm welcome to Buckingham Palace.

    Amentha Dymally

    Los Angeles