Thursday, March 26, 2009

Health Webcast

Learn First Hand About Surviving Debilitating Medical and Health Conditions on the IAMMM Webcast -- Be Inspired by Patti Austin, Dr. Roger F. Bulger & Dr. Raj M Shah

View an inspiring webcast presented by the Institute for the Advancement of Minority and Multicultural Medicine. (IAMMM) This recent event features first-hand stories from leaders of Medicine, Business, Government and Entertainment, who have faced debilitating illnesses. Learn about the mental attitudes and insights that are required to survive illnesses including stories from Dr. Roger F. Bulger, a physician and IAMMM Chairman of the Board, Dr. Raj M. Shah, Chairman, Capital Technology Information Service, Inc., Marion Barry, Councilman, Ward 8 District of Columbia, and Patti Austin, Entertainer. Erik Todd Dellums serves as Master of Ceremonies.

View the webcast at To learn more about IAMMM visit their website at

For information about webcasting your next health conference or workshop contact: R.J. Myers Publishing and Consulting Co., producers of Urbanhealthcast at or 202-863-0056.

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