Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BWFO4Change Conference Call with Candidate for VA Governor--Brian Moran

On Tuesday, February 17, 2009 members of Black Women for Obama for Change conducted a conference call with Virginia candidate for Governor Brian Moran. Thirteen BWFO4Change Networkers participated including Co-Chairs E. Faye Wililams, Esq., Stephanie Myers and representatives from Hampton Roads; Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Woodbridge, Centerville, Fairfax County, Alexandria and Virginia sympathizers in Washington, DC. (Not printing all names since some request confidentiality)

The discussion with Moran lasted a hour and covered issues ranging from the participation of paid African American staff in his campaign, to his views on hotlanes on the 95 freeway; to his position on raising taxes in VA; to his support for HBCUs, health initiatives and his track record in the African American community. Interestingly, earlier in the day he had met with BWFO/Hampton Roads leaders Diana Chappell-Lewis and Gaylene Kanoyton and 6 other networkers.

Moran thanked us for our time and promised to be open to ideas and suggestions for his campaign and to maintain that openess if he is elected as Governor.BWFO4Change has not made an endorsement and looks forward to your views. Whatever we do will be in close coordination with our Networkers in Virginia.

FYI--the BWFO4Change survey reports 83% of respondents for Moran as of today. If you have not taken the survey and wish to express your views, go to the Survey website to express your choice for candidate for Governor in Virginia.


Thank you! Yes We Can!

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